Sessions and Speakers

Update 7/10/13 We are pleased to announce that Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff, (Aleut) will be our keynote speaker for our Wednesday evening Banquet Dinner. For more information

Sessions currently scheduled: Update August 11, 2013
Tribal Garden Project in Portland Cully Park- Judy Bluehorse Skelton, Indigenous Nations Studies, PSU; Making Elder and Youth Connections OutreachBobbi Barnowsky, TSWAN; We Are All in the Sustainability Business- Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR-3); General Green Building Concepts- Alisa Kane, City of Portland; Solar/Wind Energy BasicsPaul Higuchi, NW Wind and Solar; Sustainable Nation Building/ Traditional Natural Building- Pennelys Droz, Sustainable Nations; HUD Sustainable Construction in Indian Country- Daniel Glen, HUD; Overview of Environmental Planning- Oxcenia O’domin, Seven Generations; Green Building Guidelines- Tony Monroe, Yakama Nation; Developing a Pathway Towards Natural Resource Education- Anthony S. Davis, PhD, University of Idaho and Dr. Jeremy Pinto, USDA Forest Service’s Tribal Nursery Liaison; Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative – Case StudiesJoseph Kunkel; Native Plants and Green Landscaping- Heidi Bohan, Snoqualmie Tribe; Hazardous Waste- Kari Meyer, Portland Metro; Source Reduction and Food WasteDomenic Calabaro, EPA; Green Projects at Makah Reservation and Port Gamble S’KlallamCallie Ridolfi- Ridolfi Inc.; Sustainable Forestry /Developing Hardwood Biofuels in the PNW- Kevin Zobrist, WSU; LID Stormwater ProjectMatt Baerwolde- Snoqualmie Tribe; Sustainable design/LEED Silver certified Suquamish Museum- Rich Franko, Dakota Keene, Mithun; Food, Too Good To Waste- Domenic Calabaro, EPA; Composting- Rick Finch; and more!

We will post the full session schedule once we have confirmed our session titles and speaker schedules.

Contact Cindy Spiry for details.


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